Kenneth S. Marsh, Ph.D., CPP, CFS

President Executive Director

Kenneth S. Marsh & Associates, Ltd. Woodstock Institute for Science in Service to Humanity (WIS2H)

130 Cane Creek Harbor Road, Seneca, SC 29672  Phone/Fax: (864) 888-0011  e-mail:


Elected Fellow of the Institute of Food Technologists, 2003; Elected Certified Food Scientist, 2013

Inducted into College of Fellows, Institute of Packaging Professionals, 1994; Awarded Honorary Life, 2007

Became a Certified Packaging Professional (CPP) – 1993, Recertified 1998, Lifetime Certification 2004

Ph.D., M.Ph., M.S. in Food Science with Packaging Option, Rutgers U., '76, '74, '73 respectively

B.A., Chemistry with minors in Physics & Math, Adelphi U., 1968

Over 42 Years Industrial Experience, over 40 publications, over 150 seminars & papers.

Developer, Author and Speaker on Technology Transfer, International Trade, Shelf Life Assessment and Prediction,

Computer Aided Packaging Development, and Sustainability. Served as Expert Witness on International Trade.

Chair, City of Clemson Green Ribbon Committee, advisors to Mayor Abernathy on environmental action


KENNETH S. MARSH & ASSOCIATES, LTD., President, 1982 to present

Consultant on packaging, international trade, food distribution, and food & pharmaceutical development,

including shelf life and product quality; packaging protection and compatibility; package integrity;

relationships between production, packaging, and distribution; and expert reports.

Author & lecturer on packaging technology, sustainability, and computer modeling

Co-editor of the Wiley Encyclopedia of Packaging Technology, Second Edition, 1997

Developed Computer Aided Shelf Life Prediction and Distribution Systems

Served on Subcommittee on Technical Specifications for a High-Energy Emergency Relief Ration –

Institute Of Medicine - National Academy of Sciences - 2001

NGO Delegate at World Food Summit:five years later (Rome, 2002) as the representative for Institute of Food

Technologists and endorsed by IoPP and speaker at five World Food Congresses and a World Packaging Congress

CLEMSON UNIVERSITY, Cryovac Chair in Packaging Science, 1997 to 2001

First Endowed Chair for Packaging Science in the United States

Developed first graduate courses under new Packaging Science MS degree:

International Packaging and Advanced Flexible Packaging (with modeling)

Upgraded permeability capabilities to current state-of-the-art for oxygen, moisture and organic systems

Initiated Global Food Security Program


Initiated Global Food Security emphasis, July 1, 2000 through WIS2H Board of Directors.

Relate food science knowledge to medical systems with concentration on cancer growth and metastasis

Studied water:protein interactions that apply to both food and medical systems

Developed computer models for studying water:polymer interactions

Incorporated as a Not-for-profit Institute, 1991 with 28 scientists

QUAKER OATS COMPANY, Manager Human Foods Packaging, 1980 - 1982

Developed packaging and specifications for new and existing products

Provided multi-million dollar cost reductions and technical services for packaging and production

Implemented corporate interactions, budget, and long term developments

BALL CORPORATION, Senior Scientist, RD&E, 1979 - 1980

Managed food packaging laboratory, Designed and equipped new food preparation and food packaging laboratories

Determined compatibilities between foodstuffs and various packaging materials

Verified superiority of company co-extrusion with dual R&D/Marketing approach

PILLSBURY COMPANY, Senior Scientist Corporate R&D, 1977 - 1979

Defined areas for new ventures and long-term projects

Designed accelerated shelf life tests (conventional and new technologies)

Wrote and obtained rapid approval for test labels from USDA, Washington, D.C.

Adapted new technologies to packaging microwave food products

Served on Pillsbury Technical Review Board

VITA - Page 2 Kenneth S. Marsh, Ph.D., CPP, CFS

THOMAS J. LIPTON, INC., Packaging Research Scientist, 1975 - 1977

Established packaging research/testing laboratory

Initiated & implemented cost reduction projects totaling $1.7 million/year savings

Created new package which reduced defect rate by 90%

Directed and initiated testing of organoleptic properties, storage stability and compatibility of products in

alternate packaging materials

Initiated high barrier plastic bottle program for Wishbone salad dressing (concurrent with Hunts ketchup)

Developed early food use of composite cans with iced tea mix

Rewrote their entire specification program for primary packaging, cartons, shippers and pallet patterns

AARLAB INC., Research Manager, 1970 - 1975

Analyzed residual monomers in packaging materials

Developed and produced instrumentation for special package testing

Analyzed for illegal additives in beverages, spice mixtures, grains, and fruits

Developed a QC/QA program for alcoholic beverages

Investigated and determined contamination source in plant atmosphere

RUTGERS UNIVERSITY, Research Intern, 1970 - 1975

Ph.D. Thesis: "The Study of Barrier Action of Polymeric Films: An Infrared Approach"

M.S. Thesis: "Gas Permeation Through Polypropylene Films of Different Molecular Structures"

Independent Research: Aerosol applications, gas sterilization, plastic closures


South Korea, 2013, “Packaging & International Cooperation to Promote Global Food Security”, Yonsei University

Vietnam, 2013 - “Reducing Food Losses through International Cooperation/Exchange of Post Harvest Technologies”,

PROPAK Vietnam 2013

- Various seminars on packaging & food security through Vietnam food science visiting professor program

Brazil, 2012 - “Sustainability of Food Production, Processing, Distribution and Use”. 16th World Food Congress

- “The contribution of post-harvest technology in solving world hunger”, 16th World Food Congress

Vietnam, 2012 - “Safe Food from Farm to Chopstick: Hazard control in processing of agro-food”, PROPAK Vietnam 2012

- Various seminars on packaging & food security through Vietnam food science visiting professor program

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 2011 - “Enforcement and Compliance issues of plastic materials in contact with food”, workshop

associated with developing food contact regulations with the Saudi Food and Drug Authority

Germany, 2011 - "Reducing Food Losses through International Cooperation/exchange of Post-harvest Technologies",

Save-Food Congress associated with Interpack

Turkey, 2011 - "Reduce World Hunger and build Food Security”, Turkish Packaging Manufacturers Association

Georgia, 2011 - Value chain assessments for Georgian paperboard and plastics industries

South Africa, 2010 – “Food Security-a function of Food Production, Delivery & Regulations”, 15th World Food Congress

Sri Lanka, 2009 - “Means to Global Food Security”, World Packaging Congress - Nature Packages Best

Hungary, 2009 - “A Global Approach to Food Sustainability and Security”, EFFoST- New Challenges in Food Preservation

U.S.A,. 2009, - “Delivering Nutrition”, Chinese American Technical & Cultural Conference

Azerbaijan, 2009 – Evaluation of the packaging industry – Private Sector Competitiveness Enhancement Program (PSCEP)

U.S.A., 2008 - “Packaging and the Environment: Debunking the Myths”, Keynote address AIMCAL

Mexico, 2008 – Seminar ““Food Packaging: Friend or Foe to the Environment”, Fusion 2008, Queretaro

U.S.A., 2008 – Seminar “New Packaging for Food Safety” at Food Safety and Security Conference, Washington, DC

France, 2006 – Presentation on global food distribution, symposium on Global Responsibility, 13th World Food Congress

Sicily, 2006 – Seminar “Shelf Life Modeling in Real Time and Real Conditions”, (SLIM 2006 Conference)

Germany, 2005 – Study tour with executives from 37 Egyptian companies to Interpack

Egypt, 2005 – Workshops for the Food Industry and Packaging Industry in preparation for a study tour to Interpack

Thailand, 2005 - Seminars: “Packaging to Protect, Preserve & Add Value to Food”, “Feeding The World, Within Our


Russia, 2004 - Short courses in Kazan and Moscow “Packaging for Economic Development”

Malaysia, 2004 – Seminar – “Reducing World Hunger through Post Harvest Opportunities”

Sri Lanka, 2004 – Workshop on Food Security & Post Harvest Packaging; also judge for Lanka Star Packaging contest

U.S.A., 2004 – Participated and presented at 1st Gordon Research Conference on Interfacial Water and Cell Biology

Croatia, 2004 - Trade promotion, technical assessments, and distribution improvements for Croatian food manufacturers

U.S.A., 2003 - Expert Witness in Federal Court on food losses in ocean shipment to South America (favorable ruling)

Egypt, 2003 – Trade promotion, technical assessments of Egyptian food manufacturers and follow-up on earlier visits

U.S.A., 2003 – Session keynote on global food distribution at 12th World Food Congress

Egypt, 2003 – Trade promotion, technical assessments of Egyptian food manufacturers and seminar on HACCP

Rome (UN), 2002 – Represented IFT (with endorsement from IoPP) at World Food Summit: five years later

Egypt, 2002 – Trade promotion including seminars and technical assessments of Egyptian food manufacturers

U.S.A., 2001 – Member sub-committee on emergency rations, Institute of Medicine, National Academy of Sciences

VITA - Page 3 Kenneth S. Marsh, Ph.D., CPP, CFS

U.S.A., 2000 - Seminar at the World Bank on Expanding Global Food Supplies

Australia, 1999 - Session Chair and speaker on Food Security, 10th World Food Congress

Guatemala, 1999 - Short course on Science & Technology of Frying

Mexico, 1999 - Short course on Science & Technology of Frying

Canada, 1998 - Outside member of doctorate committee, University of Guelph

Israel, 1998 - Keynote address at "Packaging in the Logistics Process" Conference

Greece, 1997 - Training for the Greek Packaging Institute and Hellenic Foreign Trade Board (HEPO)

Moldova, 1997 - Packaging and Marketing Basics Symposium (presented in Chisinau, Comrat & Edinet)

Greece, 1996 - Consulting to develop labs and training for the Greek Packaging Institute

Palestine, 1995 - Packaging Seminar and training for economic self-sufficiency (Gaza City & Nablus)

Korea, 1995 - Consulting and training on packaging, distribution and trade

Israel, 1994 - Seminar - "Shelf Life and Technical Aspects of Packaging Development"

Greece, 1994 - Seminar - "Packaging for Food Protection and Environmental Responsiveness"

Thailand, 1993 - USAID sponsored program on food packaging and international trade

Israel, 1993 - "Food Packaging for Export" conference - seminar on regulations

Canada, 1992 - Scientific lecture - "Food Packaging, Food Safety, and the Environment"

U.S.A., 1992 – US Delegate - Int'l Symposium on Packaging, Economic Development, & the Environment

Philippines, 1992 - USAID sponsored program on "Quality Improvement of Processed Foods"

Malaysia, 1991 (October) - National Seminar on Food Technology - Better Packaging for Better Foods

Singapore, 1991 - Seminar on Advanced Technology and Innovations

Malaysia, 1991 (June) - National Food Technology Seminar   Food Packaging