Seminars, Speeches, and Courses grouped by topic

(Note: Numerical by date some papers fit multiple topics):

Active Packaging: I72

Chitosan: A12-A13, F1-F3

Computers in Packaging Development: A5-A6, A9, H6, I10-I11, I30, I71, I83, I120

Distribution: A7, E9, E14, E26, G11, I41, I69-I70, I74, I90, I105, J15-16

Environmental: A2-A4, A15-A17, C3, E7, E12, E15, E17, H1-H3, I17, I19, I21-I23, I31-I32, I34-I36, I43, I47-I50, I52, I57, I59, I62, I64, I67-I70, I73, I119, I121. I123-I130

Food Security: A10-A11, A14, E21, E22, E27, E30, G11, H16, I97, I199-I101, I106, I108, I111, I113-I116, I118, I122, I123 -I125, I128

Frying: C5, I102-I104

Futures Prediction: BL2, E4, G2, G5, H7, I24, I87, I92

International Trade: BL1, BL2, E11, E13, E20, G7, H12, I25-I29, I33-I34, I37-I43, I50, I53-I58, I58, I64-I65, I69, I77-I82, I90, I101, I106, I107, I109, I111-I112, I117, I119, I123,-I125,  I128-I129, J7-J8,   J15-J16, J18-J21

Invention: I46

Legislation and Legal Aspects: G6, I3, I33, I42, I50, I53, I56, I125, J15-16

Modeling: A1, A6, A9, C1, C2, C4, E1-E3, E6, E8, G1, G3, G4, G8, H6, I5-I10, I13, I20, I45, I51, I60-I61, I64-I66, I120, J1-J6, J9, J13-J14

Modified Atmosphere Packaging: E5, E6, E19, I14-I16, I84

Package Testing: A1-A2, A8, G9, G10, H5, I51, I63, J10, J12, J17

Reference: A5, B3, E16, H13-H15

Sailing: E23-E25

Short Course (as participant): I12, I18, I54-I58, I77-I82, I88-I89, I92-I96, I102, I103-I104

Short Courses (as Organizer): J1-J20

Teaching/ Career Development: I1-I2, I4, I44, I75-I76, I85, I123

University Courses: I107, I123, K1-K3

WIS2H Research: F5, F6, H8-H11, I86, I98