III. Teaching and information Dissemination

Dr. Marsh is Co-editor of the Wiley Encyclopedia of Packaging Technology, 2nd edition (B3), which remains a major reference for the field. He has also published articles on computer searching (A5, E16), packaging materials (A8, B1-B2), trends (G5), legislation (G6), and testing (G9-G10). He has participated in and directed short courses (Section J), developed university courses (Section K), and lectured on six continents (Section I). Research was also promoted with his post-doctoral fellow, Dr. Park (A12-13, F1-4).


Seminars, speeches and courses are indexed by topic (including "Teaching/ Career Development", "Legislation and Legal Aspects", "Computers in Packaging", "Invention", "Active Packaging", "Modified Atmosphere Packaging" and "Package Testing") under the link at left.