I. Shelf Life Modeling:

Dr. Marsh applied a substantial undergraduate and graduate training in physical chemistry to assess and extend the shelf life of food items. He combined the science of food degradation and the protection functions of packaging into a series of computer models which predict shelf life performance of a variety of fresh (E5, E6) and processed foods (A6, C1, C4, E1, E2, G1, G3, G4) under static and dynamic conditions. These models have been extended for over-the-counter preparations (A1, C2, G8) and ethical drugs (A9).

This combined physical chemistry, food science and computer modeling program became a theme for improving food delivery, first through the US food industry (A7, E3, E8 E9, E14) and then through international trade (E11). His current efforts are directed towards reducing global post-harvest food losses as a necessary component of achieving the goals of the World Food Summit to reduce world hunger by 50% by 2015 (A10, E21, I98, I100-I102).

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