V. Significant Innovations in Packaging

Thomas J. Lipton, Inc., 1975 - 1977
-First packaging research scientist on staff - brought science to the packaging function through development of the packaging labs and adding a technical (rather than supplier based) approach.
- Developed one of the early applications of composite cans for food products with Lipton Iced Tea Mix.
- Initiated plastic bottle project at Lipton which lead to the development of the high barrier bottle for Wishbone Salad Dressing that was released to the market concurrently with the Heinz ketchup bottle. These represented the first such entries into the marketplace.

The Pillsbury Company, 1977-1979
- Developed ceramic technology that resulted in a patent for microwave susceptors
- Suggested an analytical procedure at an ASTM meeting which was adopted as a standard test for migration components from microwave packaging susceptors (ASTM Standard - F1519-98).

Kenneth S. Marsh & Associates, Ltd., 1982-Present
- Developed rapid and scientifically based means to test and estimate shelf life of food products, over-the-counter pharmaceutical products and ethical drugs
- Developed software to estimate shelf life under different environmental and packaging conditions
- Promoted International Trade with training on legislation, improved packaging, and enhanced understanding of the distribution environment, and development of a Packaging Center through the Greek Packaging Institute and Hellenic Export Promotion Organization.
- Promoted environmental awareness through research, written word, seminars, and organizational activities at both IFT and IoPP.

Cryovac Chair in Packaging Science, Clemson Univ., 1997-2001
- First Endowed Chair in Packaging Science in the US
- Initiated a state-of-the-art permeation laboratory
- Promoted global food security
- Promoted more accurate testing for the distribution environment
- Promoted an international perspective
- Developed the first two graduate courses in Packaging Science in the department.